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8 week Paid Volunteer Program in Argentina, In Person, work with children as a Leader Coordinator

Apply to become a Leader Coordinator in Argentina

Learn Spanish and work with children in Argentina

Join our friendly, professionally run program in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina and in many beautiful locations throughout Argentina. We are looking for enthusiastic English native Candidates to work with children, for all age groups, 8 to 17 years old.

The Program

Our organization is the leading Educational Tourism company here in Argentina. We organize from start to finish tailor made trips and camps for children all throughout Argentina. Our clientele are private bilingual primary and secondary schools. In our program, Immersion Experience Camps, the students are separated from their mother language (Spanish) with the objective of sharpening English skills aided by Councilors or Coordinators, native English speakers, who accompany them throughout the duration of the trip/camp. Guiding them with all activities using English, and creating a comfortable learning environment where Argentinian children want to practice their English.

You will be working in these camps with children from Wednesday to Friday and learning Spanish, Mondays and Tuesdays.  You will have free Weekends to enjoy the city of Buenos Aires. 


  • Must be able to enter Argentina on a tourist visa.
  • No Spanish language knowledge necessary for the position.
  • Candidates must enjoy working children and be patient.
  • To be healthy and to have a high level of energy and enthusiasm to work with children. English native speaker or fluent, to be able to show all appropriate fluency credentials.
  • TEFL or CELTA qualified is desirable. Bachelors degree or similar is also desirable.
  • Age range, 21 to 45 years old.
  • Previous work experience with children in a camp is a huge plus.
  • Outgoing/energetic/fun people, professional, punctual, flexibility and willingness to learn new activities.
  • Team player,  a must.
  • To be in good health to undergo an intensive work load and show proof upon application via health statement, certificate.
  • To have a clean criminal record and show proof of it.
  • Not to have cognitive problems or addiction to drugs and alcohol. 
  • To abide by the program rules and to sign an accommodation and behavior agreement before the start of the paid volunteering opportunity.


  • Learn Spanish in Argentina and get paid to work with children. In Person position. Motivated learners from renowned institutions from Argentina.
  • Be part of the local community, social events with staff.
  • Serious orientation to the success of each of our groups. 
  • Supportive and friendly work atmosphere. With experienced staff always happy to help.
  • Continuous professional development, with regular provision of effective resources.
  • Spanish classes and accommodation, included.
  • Opportunity to travel Argentina. 
  • Private transfer to and from camp location in the province of Buenos Aires (1.5
  • hours from the city center). Transfer and transport for the duration of the trip when there are national trips. (Locations include, Entre Rios, San Luis Merlo, Iguazu, Mendoza, Puerto Madryn.)
  • Food included while you work. 3 American style meals a day plus snacks, dietary restrictions easily accommodated.
  • Food not included when you study Spanish. 
  • Room and boarding in all destinations.
  • Part time position, Wed to Fri  (3 days a week at camp site) Or Full time position, Payment in Argentinian pesos competitive daily pay rates to our staff.
  • Flexibility in Scheduling. Please NOTE. All in person positions in Argentina by Argentinian employers are paid in the local currency, Argentinian pesos. Minimum level of bureaucracy
  • Full medical coverage. Personal Insurance during the duration of the trip or the camp.
  • Ongoing Support in Argentina, with integration into the local community
  • Spanish Diploma upon complete course completion
  • Paid Volunteering Opportunity Diploma upon completion

Start Dates


  • August 1st through October 1st
  • October 2nd through December 11th


  • April 15th through June 1st
  • August 1st through October 1st
  • October 2nd through December 11th

Paid Volunteering Opportunity,  description.

The main role is for Camp Councilor is to create a comfortable learning environment where students want to practice their English and to learn about your culture.

Councilors are responsible for a group of 8-10 students throughout the 3 days.

Responsibilities are to elicit English conversation and help students with basic conversational English language while completing children activities specific to the camp, for example explaining/playing capture the flag, help making your teams banner, preparing for the drama club each group presents, arts and crafts, sports activities, theme based activities, camp fire songs, dance party dances.

Each Coordinator is responsible for explaining the schedule and activities to the

Councilors and the teachers that accompany the students. Making sure everyone is on the same page.

We always want to create a wide varied team, where each staff member brings their own special plus and cultural identity to the camps. If you have unique skills, stories, information, we always want to provide moments where you have the opportunity to shine.

During meal times, councilors sit with students and engage in conversation based on meal time topic.

Councilors are responsible for providing a safe environment as the safety of each student is always the number one priority. We are like the big brother/sister to have fun with , but it is also necessary to be the responsible adults with them.

There are mandatory training sessions before joining camps with students.



Total Cost 3890 USD

Booking deposit 400 USD

Remaining booking price 3490 USD

It includes

8 week accommodation

8 week Spanish classes, 2 days per week

Small group Spanish classes 

Learning materials for the Spanish classes

Food, accommodation and Medical coverage during the camps

Salary in ARS to support yourself while in Argentina

Diploma, Spanish classes

Diploma, Paid Volunteer opportunity

It does not include

Visa costs


Food or other expenses when studying Spanish

Airport pick up or drop off

Spending money according to your lifestyle


In order to apply for this position, please follow the guidelines below

  1. You have to be eligible for a tourist visa of at least 90 days in order to enter Argentina. Please bear in mind our organization does not specialize in visas, therefore you would have to take care of that process since entering Argentina on a tourist visa is a must for this program.
  2. Complete the application form below and once we receive it, we will get back to you with a conformation email and invitation for the first virtual meeting. 
  3. Once the first virtual meeting has been completed, you will have a week to complete the remaining program fee and to receive the invitation for the second interview.
  4. The second interview will take place once the full payment has been completed and you will have access to all contact information from our staff in Argentina.

Apply to become a Leader Coordinator in Argentina


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