Reviews from our new TEFL Teachers

The TEFL is a demanding course which covers a lot but really makes you feel prepared for teaching. It was really useful to me, I learned a lot and I am glad I took it. I loved the teaching practice sessions and it was great to see two completely different schools. Thanks a lot Leila and Florencia. I am so grateful for this course, I have learnt so much.

Fabienne Widmer – Switzerland

I loved the TEFL course, it was a great opportunity. Most certainly I will use so many things from the course. Both the teaching practice sessions and the observations were great.

Hannah Bobker

Thank you for everything! This TEFL course really challenged my knowledge about the English language. I plan to use my TEFL certification to make a part time English Teaching when I get back to the US and teach English for a year in a Spanish speaking country after July. My TEFL Professor here was kind, patient, detailed and knowledgeable about everything. I really enjoyed every class and how the TEFL course here in Buenos Aires is structured.

Thomas Hebb

The TEFL course here in Buenos Aires is amazingly wide in content, it is really effective in delivering a big amount of information in a short period of time. I had a marvelous experience with my TEFL Trainer, she is highly prepared and was extremely engaging in every lesson. I would like to emphasize my satisfaction with the TEFL Trainer of my course here in Buenos Aires and the excellent content of this TEFL certification.

Eduardo D Ascoli
Caracas, Venezuela

The TEFL course here is great. It was very useful and the teacher was very professional. The observations and teaching practices were useful. Thank you very much for everything.


Jeremy Martin – USA
Reviewed on October 8th, 2018

Wonderful TEFL course, teacher and experience! The TEFL course was incredibly informative and inspiring. It will absolutely help me in the future as a teacher as it has taught me the techniques I will utilize in my own teaching. Our TEFL Instructor was absolutely incredible. She is engaging, informative and genuinely cares about both her profession and her students, she keeps the course interesting and thoroughly covers every necessary topic, she has such a positive attitude and gives great teacher feedback. Overall, I could not have hoped for a better instructor. The observations were very useful as they showed different types of teachers, students and lessons. They gave me a better idea of the type of English Teacher in Argentina that I would like to be. The teaching sessions were great because they gave me first hand experience with teaching students of all English levels and also gave me a better idea of what does and what does not work for me. Thank you very much for everything!

Caroline Peacock
California, USA

A great TEFL Certification course in Buenos Aires with amazing instructors, highly recommended.

Dylan Landon

This Buenos Aires TEFL course has been a very informative, challenging and fun course. It has given me the confidence I lacked before and provided me with many of the tools, skills and practice that I needed for my future. Our instructor is incredibly intelligent, and can read her students very well. The three of us in class are very different as people and she could teach us all and get the most out of us. Overall, I felt motivated and learnt a lot. Before the TEFL teaching practice sessions, I could not picture myself teaching a new student, they were very practical, enjoyable and helped me build confidence.

Jenna Hansel

I learnt lots of aspects of the English Grammar which were useful when actually teaching a class. Thank you for everything , Florencia. The course was great.

Paloma Silva de Sousa

I enjoyed coming to class each day, which was a nice experience. The information that I was taught will not only make me a better Teacher but a better person as well. I thought our teacher was excellent, not only knowledgeable of the material but also able to teach it in a manner that made it fun. I like that she had many resources to draw upon. The teaching practices were both useful and amazing. Thank you so much!

Jordan Eustace
Michigan, USA

The course, the content, the teacher and the help finding a job afterwards were all fantastic! Thank you Florencia and Leila for everything.

Hamish Grant

Our Trainer was amazing, she incorporated fun activities to help us understand the grammar structures and parts of speech. There were a variety of exercises that I will continue to use as I teach. Thanks so much for everything.

Lidia Hernandez

The TEFL course here was great and very thorough. I feel confident and well prepared to begin with my new career. The teaching practice sessions were great and I could apply everything I learnt during the TEFL course. I am very glad I did this. Thank you!

Carter Berry

It was nice to help me get into the swing of teaching. Our Trainer was diligent and approachable. She was more than happy to answer any questions and had a good sense of humor while keeping everything moving along at a good pace. I had to miss an observation because of extenuating circumstances and it was accommodated, so thank you very much for everything.

Harrison Hardin
Reviewed on April 27th, 2018

The TEFL Training provided with this course was great. I feel prepared to teach English effectively. Our TEFL Trainer Leila is very professional, realistic and fun. She designed a teaching approach that has prepared us to teach English in a variety of circumstances. The observations were helpful in understanding what to do as a Teacher and practices to avoid. Overall, I was very happy with the course. Thank you very much for everything.

Danielle Cherry

I learned a lot about teaching and learning styles that I will definitely incorporate in my future lesson plans. I really liked that the classes were based upon discussion, which I believe, helped a lot. Our TEFL Trainer was amazing, she did a great job making conversation easy and modeled lessons very effectively. She is a very friendly person and made for a welcoming learning environment. Both the observations and the teaching practice sessions were very helpful. I liked being exposed to different teaching styles and learned a lot from them. Accommodation through the school was great. Thank you very much for everything.

Dillon Fleming

The observations and teaching practice sessions were excellent for my own growth. Our TEFL Trainer was exceptionally understanding, positive and intelligent. My accommodation was perfectly fine. Thanks so much for a great experience.

Nathan Stevens

A very positive TEFL course in Buenos Aires with an amazing teacher. I am much better prepared to teach now because of it. Casual yet focused classes packed of a lot of material into a short amount of time without feeling stressed or bored. Both the TEFL course observations and teaching practices were very useful and gave us an idea of what working in an institute is like. Thank you very much for everything.

Andrew Daley

I really loved the idea of going to different schools to observe classes. Teaching practices were great but very different from the ones I had in Russia and France. It was a very useful opportunity not only to teach teenagers but also adults. Thank you.

Julia Paramonova
Russia/ France

Both Florencia and Carolina are really good Teachers with great knowledge of the subject. This course has helped me understand different teaching methods and approaches. Thank you very much for everything.

Max Fillo
London, England

I think I learnt a lot about myself, my strengths and weaknesses and I also feel that I am ready to go out and teacher others now. The TEFL Trainer we had was great and showed us everything necessary for a teacher to have as qualities, she was helpful and provided plenty of examples, was accessible and showed a real interest in us as students. She was very patient and very supportive. The teaching practice sessions were great and very useful to gain some experience with real local people before getting the TEFL certificate. My host family is great, they are all very welcoming and helpful and I feel very much at home here. Thank you very much for a great experience.

Shiva Samini

Our TEFL Trainer was totally awesome! She was really receptive to students needs and questions and always offered to follow upon on any confusion. She is a wonderful resource to have. Thank you very much for everything!

Juliette Valone


I loved my experience here. I finished my TEFL course in Buenos Aires on September 6th, 2017. Everyone is friendly here and the school is in an excellent location. Our instructor was awesome, knowledgeable, energetic, fun and well organized. The book covers all the content of the course, which was informative and showed me that English is a lot more complex than I initially thought. The TEFL course observation classes were enlightening and the practice teachings were intimidating at first but ran smoothly afterwards, with the guidance and feedback from our instructor.

Jamilla Pires-Dixon
New Jersey, USA

The TEFL course here is great. It will help me more than I thought. It has been amazing, our TEFL Trainer is fantastic. Thank you very much for everything.

Cristina Song
South Korea

The teaching practice sessions were very useful for becoming familiar with the variety of student personalities I may encounter and the observations were helpful and gave me insight into different teaching styles. Carolina was very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed her teaching style. This TEFL course will help me a lot

Sarah Prather

I finished my TEFL course in Argentina on September 6 th , 2017. The school was nice, easy to find and in a good location. Very nice coffee is made for us and we have access to the kitchen here (and don´t even have to wash our own dishes). Computers were available, that was nice. I will definitely recommend this TEFL program for people looking for a TEFL course in Argentina. Our Professor Carolina is amazing and definitely one of the best professors I have ever had. She is incredibly knowledgeable, caring, funny and interesting. She always knows just what questions to ask to get us thinking. She was always prepared, never boring and very experienced. The TEFL book is great, I will definitely refer back to it when planning lessons. The videos we watched were very helpful as well. The TEFL observation classes were very useful. Seeing teaching methodology in action really helped solidify what I was learning in the classroom. The practice teaching sessions were very useful as well. Getting to have firsthand experience with people at different levels was very valuable. Having to deal with real situations/ real problems in the classroom was great experience. Florencia is amazing, she meant genuine help in securing a Teaching position here. Thank you for everything.

Emilyann Mc Kelvey

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