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Teach English as a Secondary Language

Enjoy from our free job placement right after the TEFL Course or whenever you feel ready to use it! We’ve found some awesome opportunities for you.

We are in daily contact with employers from Argentina and abroad therefore you will enjoy from an easy way of getting hired; with top-rated supported TEFL jobs! We are in direct contact with recommended employers in the most popular TEFL destination. It is necessary to specify where would you like to work as an English Teacher so that we can get you in touch with the employers from your chosen destination. It is required by all English Teaching job positions worldwide a minimum of six months stay in the chosen country.

Some employers in Argentina offer contracted work and will help you get the work visa if you plan to stay for the long term, a year, two or more. Also too, in other destinations like in China some employers offer generous salaries, housing and professional development training. You’ll get to take part in the desired destination’s culture, gain a first-hand perspective and further develop your English teaching while improving your resume and earning a competitive salary.

We have over 80 TEFL jobs on our job centre, in amazing destinations  countries across the world, but the positions found here are the ones we recommend the most.

Important We genuinely care about our students and their job prospects and help them get the right position according to each TEFL graduate profile however we receive lots of emails asking if we can get people not from our program a job, the answer is no because there is no way we can recommend a different program since lots of the TEFL courses offered in Argentina or worldwide differ a lot in professionalism and academic standards.

Teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Recommended Positions

Option 1

At our institute, teaching English is about making a difference in our students’ lives. Our goal is to help people change their futures and realize their dreams. We need professionals like you who seek an international experience and desire to have an impact on people’s lives.

Our benefits

We are committed to our employees and we are proud to offer competitive packages and benefits that really add value for our staff. Our benefits include development opportunities on both a local and global level. We really are an employer committed to you.

Employee training

As the only ISO certified English Language Teaching School in the market, our school understands the importance of providing consistent quality learning content and delivery to its staff. Our carefully designed SOPs provide the same level of excellence in our training content to staff across the globe. Our solid career development paths and employee follow-up mean you will be supported every step of the way to grow and excel throughout your career with us.

Professional development

How many careers today involve a multicultural environment and communication, time management, organization, training, and presentation skills? Teaching English abroad with our school incorporates and develops all of these transferable skills. Learning is at the heart of our organization and on-going professional development is part of our company culture. Seminars and classroom observations provide forums where teachers can meet like-minded colleagues and develop their teaching techniques. With a promote-from-within policy, our Managers are dedicated to mentoring teachers’ potential and encouraging progression into management positions.

Language Corporate Training

Our Management Language Corporate Training System guarantees the quality of the service and our clients’ total satisfaction as from the accomplishment of the following stages: detection of the training needs, syllabus design for the training program, execution of the training program and results assessment, by means of its corresponding feedback.

Our Training System is focused on:

  • Specific Academic Goals.
  • Solving of Complex Situations.
  • Taylor-made courses according to each student’s need.
  • Efficient answers to each company requirements.
  • Flexibility: classes In- Company and at our headquarters.
  • Updated material and dynamism in class methodology.
  • Classes delivered by specialized teachers.

Option 2

Native English Teachers for Smart Students (CABA)

We need a professional adult teacher for individual and small group classes with adult students which meet downtown and in San Telmo. Our clients tend to integrate their learning rapidly, making them a pleasure to teach. Applicants should be available to teach these intermediate and advanced level classes until at least October, but staying through to finals in December is even better, though reasonable vacation time will be happily accommodated. Please describe your current availability (times and barrios) and neighborhood where you live when sending a CV, so we can see if the schedules and travel time fit. *Important* Prior work/volunteer experience or areas of study unrelated to education are still of interest when reviewing CV’s, since the students are professionals in different fields, especially tech, marketing, the NGO sector or medicine, so feel free to leave them in CV’s or mention in the cover letter.

We are a small, teacher-run start up company which is growing, mostly via word-of-mouth recommendations. We provide the highest-quality teaching to clients (usually tech professionals or people in medicine) in a relaxed and conversational environment. Teachers should be able to tailor materials to students’ interests and professional needs, and be able to prepare and print materials, and evaluate and track students’ progress. Our business philosophy is that teachers working in a peer-environment with a reasonable amount of respect will prioritize classes and provide better teaching to clients. Currently we are filling one-on-one and small group classes with adult students for the academic year. Only professional teachers with the ability to work independently and make use of high quality teaching materials (provided) will be able to take over these classes. If you have any room in your schedule to fill, please respond to this posting.

Candidates must be CELTA/TEFL/TESOL certified or have ample experience. Only applicants who are planning to stay in Buenos Aires to complete the whole term or longer will be considered. Due to the overwhelming response to these job postings, we ask that all responses contain the following information, in addition to a CV:

1) Name, place/s where you grew up.

2) Barrio where you live

3) Confirm your schedule availability and date of return to your country of origin

4) Make sure to include a real email address where you can receive mail inviting you to an interview or requesting further info.

**Note for non-Buenos Aires based applicants-we offer part time teaching work in Capital Federal, but only considers applicants already living in Buenos Aires. Please contact us once established here. Thank you.

Option 3

At our company, we are aware that language training is a major tool for corporate development and growth.

Our goal: Train professionals who are capable of developing themselves completely in a corporate context at a domestic as well as at an International level.

Our language courses for companies and professionals are aimed at:

The effective development of communicative skills, taking into account immediate as well as future needs of our students, and the cost-benefit relation of training.

The real learning of the language, by means of incorporating the necessary vocabulary to be applied in specific situations in the working environment, as from a complete assessment of the adequate training in each case.

Option 4

Somos una empresa de capacitación y entrenamiento que permite a empresas y organizaciones desarrollar su potencial de negocios, eliminando la barrera del idioma que les permite alcanzar sus metas profesionales.

Contamos con Profesores de inglés Nativos altamente calificados y con gran experiencia enseñando el idioma a extranjeros lo cual permite que el proceso de aprendizaje sea más rápido, efectivo y real.

Option 5

Our language school started in 1997 as a small English school and has expanded into Business English offering classes tailored to companies, with 450 students in total.

Option 6

Somos una empresa focalizada en brindar servicios idiomáticos. Nos caracterizamos por la excelencia de nuestros servicios y el alto grado de compromiso con cada uno de nuestros clientes.

Los cursos de inglés para empresas están programados especialmente para que los alumnos progresen a un ritmo cómodo y sin presión. Con profesores altamente capacitados, con fluidez en el idioma y la total atención en cada uno de los alumnos.

Contamos con profesionales capacitados para cubrir sus necesidades de traducción, interpretación, corrección y edición de textos en idioma inglés.

La especialización de nuestros profesionales nos permite brindar servicios integrales dentro del mundo de los idiomas.

Nuestra misión es consolidarnos como un referente dentro de los prestadores de servicios profesionales de idiomas, siendo un líder en el mercado nacional e internacional en cada una de las áreas de servicios que brindamos.

Option 9

Teachers for in company English classes

We are looking for Teachers who are native English Teachers, TEFL qualified.

Please contact us for more information.

Teaching English Abroad

Recommended Positions

Teach English in China

ESL BEIJING 30k-40kOverview

Academic Research Teacher  North American

We are seeking an experienced, highly qualified, passionate and dedicated Academic Research Teacher. The position will work with the team to design and execute a curriculum for our one on one programs and ensure quality control of the courses.


  • North American citizens with excellent pronunciation.
  • Basic knowledge of CCSS
  • At least 1 year of work experience teaching kids in China, online or Face to Face
  • Preference for B.Ed/M.Ed English/ TESOL holders
  • A confident problem solver, create a solution orientated environment.


  • Works with a team to design, develop, review, and refresh learning programs
  • Participates in the production of the teaching videos
  • Designs and develops training materials, training modules, teaching aids
  • Participates in all aspects of curriculum development programs
  • Design and delivery of the new hire training program for new teachers
  • Ability to interact and communicate effectively with staff

Work Location:

Haidian District, Beijing, China


  • Salary: 30000 to 40000 RMB monthly (before tax)
  • Working hours: 10:00 am to 7:30 pm (with 1.5 hours lunch break), Monday through Friday
  • Paid vacation: All Chinese public holidays and X-mas+ 10 days paid leave
  • Z working Visa and work permit: Yes we provide in-house HR to process your working Z visa (We do not cover the costs of the Visa or documentation but we will help you with the issuing of the Visa)

Teach English in Tokyo


Kon’nichiwa Tokyo! This is a great opportunity to live in the largest metropolitan area in the world with a whooping 38 million people! With that amount of people there is plenty to do day or night. Tokyo is famous for it’s amazing food, rich history and crazy night life. Explore everything Tokyo and Japan has to offer by packing your bags and teaching English. You won’t regret this amazing adventure.

Job description

Teaching English to children aged 3-12

Offer of 1 year (minimum) contract

40 hours per week over 5 days, 09:00AM or 11:00AM start.

Most roles are based in Tokyo but there are roles available at other locations around Japan.



  • Native English speaker from US, UK, CA, RSA, AUS, NZ, or IR
  • Bachelor’s degree (any subject)
  • Great communication skills
  • A passion for working with/teaching children
  • A positive, enthusiastic attitude.
  • A strong work ethic
  • Desirable
  • Previous experience with children or as an instructor
  • TEFL/TESOL/TESL/CELTA or equivalent certifications
  • Understanding of Japanese culture/Japanese work culture
  • Salary/Benefits
  • 250,000 JPY per month plus bonuses
  • Visa sponsorship available
  • Housing assistance available
  • Contract renewal bonus of 100,000 JPY
  • Commuting and National Health Insurance costs reimbursed
  • Paid full training
  • Survival Japanese lessons provided

Teach English Online

Our company is one of the largest and well known online teaching companies out there. Here are a few things to know about them.


  • Native Speaker from US or Canada
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 1 year teaching or tutoring experience

Salary Range

  • 11-22  USD per hour + bonuses

Option 7

Here at our language school you will be given a chance to develop all the technical skills required to be an experienced tutor. You will teach both private and small group classes, develop educational materials, publish articles and leave your own input!


We will allow you to grow as a professional as you learn from each team member. You could also get involved in specific student needs, like language proficiency tests and more!

Private/Group classes

You will teach Private Lessons, one-on-one classes, which will allow you to dedicate to a learner throughout his learning process. You will also teach small groups up to six students.

Educational Materials

You will get involved in educational materials design for student’s learning process, Facebook posts and more. You will work on projects that would match your interests and skills!

Special Activities

You will be in charge of leading and supporting special activities both with the students and other teachers. These include social activities, conversation classes, online activities and more…

Option 8

We are looking for creative and proactive English Teachers to Teach classes in companies. We value commitment, a good class presence, attitude and flexibility in order to work in an ever changing environment.

If you are interested in working in a friendly, dynamic environment where teachers are supported and coached, where the material is provided and where there are many options of Business English courses due to the number of clients on our books. We are looking forward to hearing from you and arranging an interview.

It is also important to our company that

  1. You have some in company teaching experience
  2. You have a major or minor in languages, Art, Social Science, Humanities or Spanish
  3. You have at least two references that we can get in touch with
  4. You plan to stay in Argentina for at least 6 months
  5. Please state if you would like to work in Ciudad de Buenos Aires or in the province

Exciting opportunities Teaching English Abroad, exclusive for Buenos Aires TEFL graduates

Teach English abroad right after your TEFL course in Buenos Aires! We are an agency run by former English Teachers. We have vacancies around the world mostly throughout the Asia and the Middle East. Once you apply you’ll be connected to a placement consultant who will speak to you about what you want out of a teaching job abroad and try their best to match your individual needs with our schools. Remember, everything we do for you as a teacher is completely free, we do not take from your salaries or ask you for any money throughout the process.


We have international schools, training centers, kindergartens, and public schools in every province and every major city in China.

Salaries: $2,000-$5,000 per month

Housing: Provided or a generous housing stipend on top of salary

Flights: Flight reimbursements and some paid flights upfront

Saudi Arabia

We have university positions and training centers throughout the kingdom, hiring yearly but our peak start dates are in August

Salaries: $2,800-$4,000 per month

Housing: Provided

Flights: Paid flights upfront


We have schools throughout Vietnam hiring yearly

Salaries: $1,300 -$1,600 per month + many bonuses

Housing: Generous Housing allowance

Flights: Negotiable


We have positions hiring yearly, mainly based in Tokyo but some others outside

Salaries: $2,500-$3,000 per month

Housing: Stipend or No housing

Flights: Reimbursed

South Korea

We have positions hiring yearly throughout South Korea

Salaries: $2,000-$3,000 per month

Housing: Stipend or Provided

Flights: Reimbursed


We have positions in international schools

Salaries: $1,800-$3,000 per month

Housing: Provided

Flights: Free Flights from major airports in SE Asia


We have positions hiring throughout the year across Indonesia

Salaries: $1000-$1,200 per month

Housing: Stipend or No housing

Flights: Reimbursed


We have positions hiring yearly

Salaries: $1,500-$2,500 per month

Housing: Stipend or No housing

Flights: Reimbursed or No allowance

In addition to the above, we have listings in other countries throughout the year. You can always contact Buenos Aires TEFL to connect you with us. Happy TEFLing!

We are the leading TEFL Provider in Argentina. With international recognition, we will ensure your academic experience with us will be the best to live and work as an English Teacher in Argentina or abroad.

Address 83 Piedras street, 3rd floor E, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Run by a dedicated team of women from Argentina, belonging to various minority groups, we firmly believe in the principle of equal opportunity for all. Our programs are designed to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment, welcoming individuals regardless of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, creed, color, race, ethnic origin, age, or disability. Beyond our commitment to providing quality TEFL training, we extend our efforts to actively contribute to the well-being of society. In particular, we collaborate closely with social organizations focused on supporting women and children in Argentina

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