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If you wish to take advantage of learning Spanish as well as become TEFL /TESOL certified, Íbero Spanish School in Buenos Aires can make this happen! 

Buenos Aires TEFL Institute works in partnership with Íbero Spanish School to offer affordable and excellent Spanish immersion classes in Buenos Aires.

Knowing Spanish is a huge advantage for finding work abroad and being able to teach English as a Second or Foreign Language will only multiply the amount of opportunities available to you. There are many advantages to learning to speak proper Spanish. Students who are able to master the Spanish language will be a step ahead of their peers, and will easily be able to find jobs using both their new Spanish language skills and their native languages.

If you want to travel and even live in a Spanish speaking country, speaking the language will not only make life a bit easier, but will allow you to more fully take advantage of what the city has to offer. Not speaking the dominant language of a country makes it difficult to get the most from your experience and limits how much you get to know the city and its people. From experiencing theater, going to movies, enjoying literature by local authors, or seeing a local band play live, knowing Spanish will only make your experiences more gratifying. There is no limit to the number of things you can do, places you can go, and interesting people you will meet when you decide to study Spanish. In addition to a skill that will serve you years to come, the experience of learning Spanish abroad will bond you to a group of students who are going through the same process. Moreover, studying Spanish in a country such as Argentina will facilitate your immersion experience and allow you to gain a more complete grasp of the language. Your Spanish study will expose you to the culture and people of not just Buenos Aires, but any other place where you end up traveling.

Our Spanish Program

Íbero Spanish School takes a personalized approach to teaching Spanish, adjusting to the level and needs of students. Our courses are designed so that students complete an entire unit in three weeks, or after 60 hours of group instruction. We teach the Spanish necessary to communicate and navigate in a variety of situations, be they work related or social situations. We provide our students with our own line of Spanish course books which we have developedfocusing on the themes and areas our students struggle with most. Throughout the years we have developed Spanish textbooks corresponding to our eight different Spanish levels from Absolute Beginner to Superior and updated these books according to what we have found our students need to practice more.  The specialization and individualized attention Íbero gives to each student is a unique advantage of our Spanish school, unmatched by other schools in Buenos Aires.

Íbero helps you integrate Spanish classes into your visit to Buenos Aires, making for a dynamic immersion experience, reason by which we offer weekly activities so that you can practice Spanish in an informal environment while getting to know some of the people and places of Buenos Aires. You will get a chance to build your Spanish skills while getting to know the multi-faceted city that is Buenos Aires.  Our activities coordinator helps our students familiarize themselves with the city through organizing cultural outings to museums, ferias, and other points of interest.  At Íbero, not only do students have the chance to develop lasting friendships with people from all over the world, they also have the opportunity to be transformed from beginners to fluent Spanish speakers. We work with renowned institutions, individuals and groups to establish study abroad programs in Buenos Aires that facilitate complete immersion. We can customize any Spanish program, allowing everyone to create their own personal immersion experience!

Why Spanish + TEFL?

Students planning to teach English in a Spanish speaking country find the combination of Spanish lessons and the Buenos Aires TEFL/TESOL Certification Course an invaluable combination.  Íbero’s immersive Spanish classes fully prepare students to live in a Spanish speaking country, while the TEFL /TESOL program gives students the basis they need to find a job in Argentina or abroad.

Our Teaching Staff

All Íbero Spanish instructors are experienced and fully qualified to teach Spanish as a foreign or second language. All of them have university degrees and some have Master’s degrees in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They are trained to teach writing and grammar incrementally at the capacity displayed by each student by exercises, conversation, written practice, and listening.  The style can change depending on student preference, but they generally progress through variation in technique and reinforcement by repetition.  Our teachers are dynamic and professional with lots of energy to fulfill the strict standards this task demands.  Each professor is required to have a university degree, significant experience and an open personality.

We have been working with the same professionals for years and have an absolute confidence in them and in their teaching methods. Our focus here at Íbero is on helping every student learn as much Spanish as possible as rapidly as possible. Many students only have a brief time to study and our small class sizes, highly qualified teachers, and comfortable learning environment ensure that whatever their level or aim, all our students get the most out of their time here.

Our Teaching Method

The emphasis in the classes is on the acquisition of oral language as well as the written one. Our teaching method is the newest of all, the task-based approach, a constructivist theory of teaching in which the student builds the language, so the time is always yours. Our lessons are very active and also interactive, dynamic and cost-effective.

Our system of instruction begins with a placement test that will place the student in the appropriate class from among the ample offerings here at Íbero. Once the student has been placed in the appropriate class, the instruction begins with 60 hours, or 3 weeks, of group classes.  If in private classes exclusively, the student is able to reach their desired level more quickly. On Thursday of the last week, Íbero conducts a review that consists of a revisiting of all of the topics that the class has studied, and a more solid preparation of the students’ abilities for the final challenge: the final exam on Friday, the last day of the course. Every student who desires to take a course at Íbero must take the placement test.  Only complete beginners are exempt.Students who wish to advance to a higher level should take the final exam of the lower level in order to move up.

All Íbero instructors are devoted to explaining grammar in an easy way avoiding the monotony of the less diverse learning approach, within a fun environment for students to use the Spanish language naturally. In this way, students will progress rapidly. Our instructors will assess your knowledge and objectives on your first day of classes in a personal interview; you will be completely satisfied due to the fact that he/she will know in detail your Spanish learning objectives, your strong and weak language skills and your plan of study will therefore be tailored to your capability.
You will always have full practice in the four main Spanish language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Key elements of our teaching method

  • The learning process
  • Student participation
  • Student-centered
  • A wide variety of teaching techniques
  • The teacher as a guide and language facilitator
  • Language is a tool
  • Constant evaluation and feedback
  • Discovery of word meanings
  • The student as a collaborative participant in the learning process

Íbero understands that students want flexibility when it comes to learning a language.  After all, not everyone learns the same way or at the same pace.  This is why Íbero offers Group classes in addition to Private and Semi-Private language classes.  What sets Íbero apart from other language institutions, is the personalization and individual attention we offer each one of our students.

Private classes versus group lessons

Our Spanish group lessons program is specifically designed for those wanting to practice Spanish in group lessons, learning not only from other people’s doubts about Spanish in the group class but also concentrating in the skills the student needs to reinforce. This course allows you to focus in important and different skills at the same time. This program also covers all the learning skills you need to succeed in producing Spanish orally or in writing because you will enhance your fluency in Spanish.

Our private lessons courses will allow you to improve your Spanish in the shortest time possible. This program is very flexible and focuses only in the student’s needs to improve his/her Spanish. You can choose the time schedule that best suits your needs in conversational, real Spanish situations and discussions about a wide variety of themes such as politics, economics, the social situation in Argentina, literature, etc. This program is also perfect for students who need to learn or improve their Spanish in an intensive way and also in a short period or under a deadline such as people under a tight deadline of an examination in their home country, people with scarce time resources, professionals, beginners who intend to move on to reach higher levels of Spanish and for anyone who, in a short period, wants to practice, speak and immerse in a lot of Spanish and also cultural aspects. Another reason students would select a private class is to prepare for the international language exams the DELE or CELU.

Semi private lessons

It is called semi private lessons course because it consists of two students and one teacher. It is useful for those having a very similar or the same level of the Spanish language but wanting to restrict the class to two students in order to have more privacy, in order to share the doubts and learning and improving your Spanish skills as soon as possible.

What variety of Spanish do we teach at Íbero?

At Íbero we teach the Spanish necessary to communicate in a variety of situations, including education, work, or family in any Spanish-speaking country.

Our professors are native Argentines, and will obviously speak with a porteño (Buenos Aires) accent.  Regardless, the classes with explore the differences of the Spanish language and how it differs from region to region.

Our primary objective is to teach the Spanish necessary for our students to successfully integrate in Latin America and Spain.

Our levels of Spanish

Íbero has eight Spanish levels (Beginner I, Beginner II, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Intermediate III, Pre Advanced, Advanced and Superior). Each level is divided into three week segments, and commences every Monday. Audiovisual presentations, accent reduction courses, conversation classes, and more content supplement the learning process. The courses at Íbero were especially designed to maximize results through the gradual learning of Spanish. It is a great advantage to be able to accomplish this in the ideal amount of time: 60 hours per level, or 3 weeks of classes with 20 hours per week.


Íbero list of levels

  • Beginner (Principiante I)
  • Beginner (Principiante II)
  • Intermediate I (Intermedio I)
  • Intermediate II (Intermedio II)
  • Intermediate III (Intermedio III)
  • Pre-advanced (Pre-avanzado)
  • Advanced (Avanzado)
  • Superior (Superior)

Íbero levels compared to European standards

Íbero levels compare to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching and Assessment in the following manner:

  • Beginner I: A1 Breakthrough
  • Beginner II: A2 Waystage
  • Intermediate I: B1 Threshold
  • Intermediate II: B2 Vantage
  • Intermediate III and Pre-advanced: C1- Effective Operational Proficiency
  • Advanced and Superior: C2- Mastery

Why choose ÍBERO for TEFL/TESOL and Spanish?

  • Certified Spanish lessons.
  • Buenos Aires TEFL/TESOL Teacher Certification Course. Externally moderated and Internationally recognized diploma.
  • Renowned Institution with many years of experience in the language school market and teacher training courses.
  • Unrivalled opportunity for professional overseas development.
  • Small classes. Professional, experienced teachers.
  • High quality, affordable, year-round programs.
  • Absolute city-center location (Downtown Buenos Aires, five blocks away from the Obelisk).
  • Comfortable, pleasant facilities
  • Free WIFI Internet access.
  • 8-Spanish levels, with regular tests.
  • Academically distinguished school staff.
  • Íbero´s own line of Spanish books per level and TEFL/TESOL Book/ Manual.
  • There is no registration fee or any other hidden costs.
  • Social & tourist Weekly calendar.
  • Multicultural environment. Students are from the United States and Europe (70% from these 2 areas), also from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, and a small percentage from Africa. Students are between 18 and 65, with the majority falling between the 20 and 30 age category. University students, professionals and travelers all study here at Íbero.

This Spanish course offers 10 lessons each week and is the right one for those preferring to study while seeing Buenos Aires and taking part in many other activities, such as Tango or before or after the TEFL Certification Course. This Spanish program includes study material in all the learning skills of Spanish. This schedule of 2 lessons daily enables you to study while you enjoy Buenos Aires.

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