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Jan 24, 2018

TESOL Course in Argentina
People desire efficiency within their travels, and attempt to encounter maximum benefit from a minimum commitment of time. That is the focus of our TESOL Course in Argentina here at Buenos Aires TEFL Institute. The objective is to provide as much improvement as rapidly as possible in teaching English skills and have structured our academic TEFL course in Buenos Aires to develop effective English language teaching skills at an accelerated pace. Whether the program be over the short or long term, our small class sizes, highly qualified professors, and diversified TEFL TESOL learning approach create a learning environment that facilitates rapid improvement and an engaging atmosphere. Our approach to learning enables us to pace our classes at this rate of advancement.

Our TESOL Course in Argentina methodology is the task based approach, which means that we mold each course around the deficiencies and preferences of each student. Grammar, vocabulary, verb conjugation and tenses, listening comprehension, and conversation are all parts of the curriculum. We ensure that the student attains the predefined level of each facet before advancing, but the path to reach said level is the decision of the student. We understand that people learn in a variety of ways, and we present them with the option to choose which method suits them best, whether it be doing written exercises, extensive listening, or simply conversing. This ensures students will to learn, which is imperative to speaking a foreign language. We are known for our academic excellence, and communicative and creative teaching methods. We are located in Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Location is very practical, with all means of transport nearby. Our TESOL Course in Argentina is designed to expose students to all facets of the language: written practice, conversational skills, listening and comprehension ability, and grammatical instruction. We provide the most balanced experience possible to our students in order to help them progress quickly, but also to maintain a pleasant and diverse learning environment with professional instruction. All of the professionals working here have a wide experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language. They are trained to teach writing and grammar incrementally at the capacity displayed by each student by exercises, conversation, written practice, and listening. The style can change depending on student preference, but they generally progress through variation in technique and reinforcement by repetition.

  Our TESOL Course in Argentina offers help with arranging accommodation and provides advice on academic matters. Our Buenos Aires TEFL Institute is well-equipped with excellent library resources, listening and video facilities, and up-to-date computer equipment. We constantly improve our TEFL TESOL course ensuring your English Teaching language skills develop; providing a fun & comfortable study environment ensuring full participation from all our students; within a creative, innovative and modern approach to fulfill the learning needs of all students from different cultural backgrounds. Students socialize and get to know all of the staff & teachers. We also organize weekly cultural activities, polo and football matches and meals out. Spanish classes take place from Monday to Friday. Classes take place in a relaxed atmosphere, maximizing Spanish study. We assign one teacher per course (each course level has 40 hours in total) and we are devoted to give our students a better exposure to all styles of teaching, within the same methodology of the school. Our professors are highly qualified (Argentinian Masters degrees) and permanent.

Author: Buenos Aires TEFL