TEFL in Buenos Aires and visas

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TEFL in Buenos Aires and visas


I am now at the stage of booking my flights and I have a few questions -Will I enter on a tourist visa and change it to a work visa when I am in Buenos Aires or should I get a work visa now? I am planning on returning home for Christmas – when are school Christmas holidays in Argentina so that I can book my return flights? Is there any kind of travel insurance provided by Íbero TEFL? Should I open an Argentinian bank account?

Many people who live and work in Argentina teaching English are only here on tourist visas – when the 90 days are up, most people take a day trip across the river to Uruguay to renew the tourist visa. There is no application procedure you need to carry out in advance of your arrival. Once here in Argentina, you will be able to stay for 3 months legally as a tourist. Once the 90 days expire, you will need to leave the country to renew the visa – most people take a day trip to Colonia, Uruguay, just across the river. Being here on a tourist visa will not be an impediment to finding work as an English teacher.You can find more information here http://www.worldtravelguide.net/argentina/passport-visahttp://www.embassyofargentina.us/en/consular-section/reciprocity-fee-for-us-citizens.html

You can keep your own health insurance, from your home country and transfer it to Hospital Alemán https://www.hospitalaleman.org.ar/en/nuestro-hospital/ You can contact them about it

The Argentinian bank account is impossible to open without a DNI, the Argentinian document. If you are interested in getting your DNI, you should remain here for at least 2 years.

The Academic year in Buenos Aires starts in March and finishes in early December. Therefore, there is less work in December, January and February for English classes, which is perfect for a break but if you are serious about your job applications you should return in mid-February in order to be able to start with the interview process.

TEFL in Buenos Aires and visas


I have a few questions before I head your way to Buenos Aires. I am getting very excited!1. Are any vaccines required for traveling to Argentina? 2. I purchased a one way ticket but I have read and from past experiences that the airline requests proof of me leaving from Argentina within the 90 days since I will not be obtaining a working/study visa. I know we will be leaving the country every 90 days in order to renew the tourist visa but what do I tell the airline?I hope to here back from you soon.
  1. There are no vaccines required for Americans.

Many people who live and work in Argentina teaching English are only here on tourist visas You can find more information here http://www.worldtravelguide.net/argentina/passport-visa http://www.embassyofargentina.us/en/consular-section/reciprocity-fee-for-us-citizens.html

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