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Dec 21, 2018

TEFL Course in Buenos Aires with Job Placement
Most TEFL courses in Buenos Aires and to help you out as a future TEFL Teacher abroad, often incorporate a teaching practicum. These teaching practice sessions aren’t dropped on you in week one, but they still manage to throw you in the deep end of what it’s like to be the teacher students are looking towards and listening to. These teaching practice sessions s are essential as you’ll work out the kinks, gain confidence in your ability to deliver English lessons, and get helpful feedback to help you continue to grow into the best teacher you can be., which is essential for your TEFL Course with Job Placement in Buenos Aires.

The academic year in Argentina starts in March and ends in November, however the 10 start dates that we offer work well with all participants because those who start in January and February are already qualified to start full time in March and there are more opportunities from July to October and November. Of course end of November and December are not great to look for a job, but people love to come here to Buenos Aires from September to December, it is spring here and people can see the city at its best. For people taking the TEFL course in October or November, they can start teaching intensive summer courses for people not going on holidays, which would be typically end of December to late February.

But fear not, future English teacher abroad: With Buenos Aires TEFL certification course, there are millions of TEFL opportunities in Argentina or abroad. With this accredited TEFL certification, you will be able to teach English to people at all levels. hard work has an end in sight, and you’ll be super prepared for the English Teaching job once you get there. All participants can show a real commitment by completing the course, which also demonstrates a high level of motivation. And guess what? These are key skills that will help you land a full-time job as an English Teacher in Buenos Aires or anywhere in the world. 

I completed my TEFL course on September 16th, 2016. Overall I think this course was very helpful and I think the help finding our future jobs is huge, fundamental, reassuring and amazing. Thank you, Florencia. I liked the in class activities and getting to know my Professor Carolina. I enjoyed the fact that we made lesson plans as a class and we got to observe and teach classes for practice. Cristina Mace, USA.

Once you graduate from a TEFL course in Argentina, the doors open to a whole world of ESL amazing work and travel opportunities. A TEFL certificate is recognized by schools and employers all over the world.

Author: Buenos Aires TEFL