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Dec 19, 2018

TEFL Certificate Teaching Course in Buenos Aires
These are some questions and answers that I have developed during my TEFL Teaching course in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The volunteer is Isabel, from Argentina, a Spanish native speaker. Profile of a Student: Isabel, 49-year-old Intermediate Student

1. What is your motivation for learning English? What are your goals?
Isabel is studying English so that she can speak to people in English. She would like to over to the U.S., possibly the city of Houston. One goal of hers is to be able to watch movies and listen to music in English. She has been taking these lessons from our TEFL CertificateTeaching Course in Buenos Aires for the past two years.

2. Please tell me about a time you successfully used English.
Two years ago, she met a man from Australia. She was happy because she was able to understand everything he said in English. She felts that she has benefited from her lessons with other Trainees from our TEFL CertificateTeaching Course in Buenos Aires.

3. Where, when, and how was your first encounter with the English language?
Isabel first encountered English in Argentina. She began to study at University five years ago. She said she didn’t learn that much through these classes; she has learned a lot through YouTube videos.

4. What do you look forward to the most about speaking English? What do you like the least?
Isabel looks forward moving to the U.S. in the future. She loves to learn about new cultures and meet new people from different parts of the world. She has met many TEFL Trainees here at our school during our TEFL CertificateTeaching Course in Buenos Aires

5. What makes you the most nervous about speaking English?
She gets nervous when people speak too fast in English. She is afraid she won’t be able to understand them.

6. Where and when do you use English?
She uses English at her job and with the friends she has made through her job. She also uses English when she is at home talking to herself.

7. What is your favorite way to learn something new?
To learn something new, Isabel prefers to watch a video or listen to the radio. She likes to listen to American music to expand her vocabulary.

8. If you weren't learning English, what would you want to learn about?
If she wasn’t learning English, Isabel says she would learn Portuguese or French.

Author: Buenos Aires TEFL