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Dec 19, 2017

Teaching English as a Foreign Language TEFL course in Buenos Aires
Teach English Abroad Certification

If you are searching for a Teach English Abroad Certification, then TEFL is for you. This 4-week course will concentrate in many teaching methodologies including teaching methods and approaches, and then gives specific details of each and how they are used in the classroom. The Buenos Aires TEFL course starts with a brief overview of exactly what is being talked about, and then goes on in detail about each approach in a particular order.

The first of this Teach English Abroad Certification is the grammar-translation approach, which is the classic approach that was often used to teach Latin and Greek. It involves instruction in the mother language, as well as reading long, difficult passages in target language. The following approach is the direct approach which I would call “the state of nature” approach as it forces students to learn in an environment that is only in the target language. It’s a response to the previous approach. In the approach, the mother tongue is almost never used, and it is largely about the study of the grammar of the language inductively as all instruction will be in English. The next method, the audio-lingual method is a different approach that is about drilling grammar to students. After that is community learning, which has the teacher acting more as a counselor and helping students learn what they want. The student somewhat controls what they want to learn and the teacher assists, giving feedback and encouragement to the students who are struggling with a new language.

Teach English Abroad Certification

The silent way is a unique approach that goes away from having the teacher speaking, and uses various cues to get the students to speak and to learn about grammar. The functional-notional approach is about changing languages into a series of functions and learning how to show notions through those different functional categories. Scenarios are created by the categories, and the students learn how to respond to situations through this type of instruction. Following that is total physical response, which is about using physical actions to illustrate vocabulary and grammar points. For example, in this Teach English Abroad Certification one would touch their head to explain that vocabulary, and the students would follow suit in order to learn it. In a similar vein is Suggestopedia, which is about creating a comfortable environment to instruct in. This is created through music, lighting, and other features of the classroom. The next approach is a familiar one, the communicative approach, which is about encouraging effective communication. You will find this approach as a part of all Teach English Abroad Programs. The final approach covered is the task-based approach, which turns language into a means to complete a series of tasks. To do this, the teacher of the Teach English Abroad Program Certification would create sort of a scenario, and the students, by using the target language, would address the scenario the best that they can.


Author: Buenos Aires TEFL