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Dec 3, 2017

Spanish classes and TEFL in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Spanish classes and TEFL in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spanish classes and TEFL in Buenos Aires

Hi,Thank you for getting back to me so promptly! I’m interested in the TEFL course in Buenos Aires. Is there an option to take Spanish lessons either after or before the 4 week TEFL course?

Thanks, Matt.

Hello Matt,

We are the first institute in Buenos Aires to provide both TEFL training and certified Spanish classes all in one challenging and fun combined course. Learning Spanish is extremely helpful for our students to be better teachers of English as a Second or Foreign Language by understanding themselves what it is like to learn another language. You can take Spanish lessons before or after your TEFL course, given the fact the TEFL course is already very intensive people cannot take Spanish and TEFL classes simultaneously. Please let me know if there is anything else, I would be hapy to help out.

Spanish classes and TEFL in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Thank you for the detailed information. After looking through your information and researching some more, Program 2 would suit my needs best.Ideally, I would like to take the 3 week Spanish course before the January 30th start date of the TEFL program. Is there any type of accommodation offered during that time period? Another question I have, do teachers who go through this program find they are able to pay back the cost of the program and accommodation with their pay from teaching? After a flight and all the costs, I would be paying about $5,000. As a public school teacher in the U.S, this is a lot of money that I don’t have! Does your program offer any scholarships.I really enjoyed watching the videos of teachers who completed the program. Are there any students who I could contact directly to ask about their experience? Thank you! Laura

Hello Laura,
Thanks for having registered for our TEFL course!

It is great that you are interested in Spanish classes as well. These classes can be taken 3 or 6 weeks before the TEFL course, not simultaneously because the TEFL course is very intensive. Your TEFL course here in Buenos Aires will start on January, 2018 at our school. If you can pay for your program now I can maintain the 2017 price, however if you prefer to pay in person your program in 2018, you can do it but the price is different. The cost for 2017 can to be paid to the school via transfer if you prefer that way and would also like to take accommodation through us. If you would, what most students find useful is to stay for at least 8 weeks at the accommodation given the fact the TEFL course is very intensive and they find it stressful to look for a new home at the end of the course along with CV preparation and job interviews.

We are located at a building at 1736 Coronel Diaz Avenue, in Palermo, the best neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The TEFL course will run from Monday through Friday. It covers a wide range of topics related to teaching English as a second language.

These includes an overview of teaching English, teaching methods, motivation techniques, phonetics and phonology, classroom management, teaching grammar lesson planning, teaching the four basic language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), how to use games and songs, how to create materials, assignments in the classroom, and professional development. The course also includes real life teaching practice sessions. Throughout the TEFL course there are two examinations. Each week of the course covers a different theme and is summed up on Fridays with a test covering all of the week´s material.

Our TEFL training school in Buenos Aires offers several different kinds of accommodation options to ensure a safe and comfortable stay in Buenos Aires. Accommodation with the school is of course optional, and it can also be booked independently. All accommodation offered by our school is located in pleasant and safe neighborhoods and regularly checked and approved by a staff member. Please take into account the minimum stay is 28 nights and that we need your flight information to start the booking process.

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