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Nov 30, 2018

Reflection Journal
1. Leo, Absolute beginner, 1st time, 6 years old: Teaching Leo was definitely an experience. Leo was somewhat timid/intimidated for the first portion of the class, but seemed to warm up as it went on. He is clearly super creative and enjoys drawing, so a lesson plan centered around that would be good. He knows his numbers quite well, but gets tripped up every so often. He learned the animal names really well through the drawing we did, and was able to count the animals as well as name them!

2. Carla, Advanced, 1st time: Carla was absolutely great. She speaks at such an advanced level and really genuinely enjoys learning. It seems like she is most interested in conversing, as she is unable to do so anywhere else. She is curious about new words and phrases, as well as culture. It was definitely easy to get off track with her, but it seems she found it rewarding to get to speak and just have a conversation. Having an article or some sort of supplement is great, especially if it is a topic of interest for her.

3. Jasmine, Upper Intermediate: Teaching at the partner English School was fairly different from the private teaching sessions, mostly because of the difference in time to teach. For the first 45 minutes of the class Cathy taught about stress, what causes it, etc. So taking that subject, I adjusted the lesson plan I had made on conditionals and reworked around that topic. I first had Jasmine name some of her sources of stress--which was easy because she was in the middle of finals-- and then had her discuss, using conditionals, how she could have prevented the stress. She had already learned conditionals but needed practice, especially with the third conditional. It ended up being a really great lesson!

4. Carla & Maria Alicia: This class went fairly well, given the relationship between the two women! The lesson was entirely catered to Carla and was on food and cooking, but as food is a big part of travel, we were able to incorporate some of Maria Alicia’s interests as well. I had the women take turns reading and it was interesting to see the difference between two people who are both advanced. Again, it is easy to get off track during the lesson (especially with two of them), but the off track conversations remained relevant to the lesson at hand.

5. Leo, 2nd time: Leo was definitely more comfortable with me this time around. He has a lot of energy and gets easily distracted, but once he’s focused he is easy to teach and learns really well. To keep him from getting distracted it’s best to keep him away from his mom. Once on track and after a break, we reviewed the animal names, drew, and I began to teach him the verb “to be” and subject pronouns. We predominantly practiced saying “You are” and “I am” using ages, but need to bridge the gap and get him to understand that it can be used for things other than age. Overall, it was hectic but I think he learned something.

Author: Buenos Aires TEFL