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Dec 21, 2018

On site TEFL Course in Argentina
An On site TEFL certification course is highly recommended for anyone looking to teach English abroad, including recent university graduates, licensed and experienced teachers, and professionals seeking a career change. Through our program, there are millions of ESL jobs and opportunities in Argentina or Worldwide. Earning the Buenos Aires TEFL certificate benefits recent university graduates and ESL instructors by providing them with the basics and the foundation to succeed in the ESL classroom. English Teachers enrolled in a TEFL course will learn how to plan effective English lessons, manage a classroom, and teach English language skills including, writing, pronunciation, speaking and grammar. Our graduates will automatically benefit from ESL teacher positions and jobs in Argentina, Latin America or anywhere in the world.The reality is, nothing compares to actual, real-life, physical experience while prepping to be an actual, real-life, physical teacher abroad.

Your instructor will be with you from start to finish, providing personalized feedback and guidance to make sure you feel totally prepared when it comes to teaching English in Argentina, Latin America or abroad.

The Buenos Aires on site TEFL Certification Course provides potential English teachers with all experience at teaching all English language levels. This English Teaching program in Argentina will arm you with the necessary skills to successfully teach in the foreign language classroom. Our Teach English Worldwide course combines the academic excellence of a top USA university with the expertise of a world-leading teacher training course, Buenos Aires TEFL Buenos Aires. Upon successful completion of your TEFL TESOL course, you will be eligible for many teaching jobs in Argentina, worldwide teach English schools and programs and you will be able to teach English as a foreign language without a college degree, just with your TEFL certification course here in Buenos Aires.

The book was very useful during the course. It covered everything we would need as beginning teachers and it was also good to get some guidance on CV and letter preparation. Carolina was fantastic. It was very beneficial to have her use the same methods she was teaching to us and by teaching us some Spanish as well that put us in the same position as language learners and helped us to see the methods put into action. She had a good balance of theory and activities in the class. It was great having to teach students at different English levels. Thanks for a great month. Andrea Chan, Malasya

There are a variety of TEFL jobs in Buenos Aires—from private language schools to banks or private schools to public schools to tutoring one on one. One of the main benefits of getting an on site TEFL certification course in Buenos Aires is unparalleled access to understanding the nuances of this market. There is unprecedented support for English language learning opportunities for Argentinian children, and as Argentina continues to develop, young learners of all ages are seeking English language tutors and lessons. This means the job market is hot, providing you stable income and work in the short and long term.

The US dollar is strong compared to the Argentine Peso, making all of the country’s glorious manmade and natural sites—like the iconic Iguazú Falls—more accessible than ever. Don’t delay—opportunities as exciting and enriching as these don’t come along often. With the help of an on site TEFL certification course in Buenos Aires, you’ll feel comfortable standing up in front of your first English class. You’ll gain the skills necessary to be your students’ favorite ESL teacher, get a firsthand look at Argentina’s job market for English teachers, and start building a community.

Author: Buenos Aires TEFL