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Dec 19, 2017

Jobs in Buenos Aires for English speakers
In accordance with all the information explained so far, the importance of English Grammar is huge, it is vital for people looking for jobs in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Córdoba, Bariloche or Latin America. Prepositions are another important part of the English language but are often difficult to learn for Spanish speakers. It’s best to start off with in, on and at and to show a diagram to help explain how prepositions indicate locations. All of these prepositions are used when talking about time, it is important to show how each one is differently used. For example, “in” when talking about months, years and periods of time, use “at” when talking about a certain time and use “on” when talking about days of the week and specific calendar days. Also it is necessary to mention the exceptions, for example English speakers say “in the morning, afternoon, evening” but when discussing the English word night we always say “at night”.

There are different kinds of opportunities for people looking for jobs in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Córdoba, Bariloche or Latin America. The first step would be getting your TEFL certificate. The Buenos Aires TEFL course will provide you with a textbook which contains an example sentence and a diagram for each of the twelve verb tenses in English, which is of vital importance if you would like to become an English Teacher Abroad. These diagrams are very helpful for when students are beginning to learn different English tenses; it shows when the tense is describing past, future and present and when a tense doesn’t have a definite ending.

Author: Buenos Aires TEFL