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Dec 3, 2018

How to find a Paid Job Teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina or in Latin America?
How to find a Paid Job Teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina or in Latin America? In Buenos Aires, first-time English teachers like myself can earn a wage that enables you to live comfortably, cover the bills (rent, food, transportation) and enjoy travel and other recreational pursuits.

As an English teacher abroad, I am able to immerse myself in the daily life and culture of a foreign country even more deeply than while studying abroad. It is a good idea to become an English Teacher Abroad in order to find a Paid Job Teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina or in Latin America because Teaching abroad allows me to live in a typical middle class neighborhood, shop at local markets, ride to work on local transportation and hang out at the corner café, tavern or sake bar with my neighbors. Providing me with an opportunity to experience a foreign culture to a degree my friends back home could only dream of.

How to find a Paid Job Teaching English in Buenos Aires

My friend Pat in the UK recommended me to become an English Teacher abroad in order to find a Paid Job Teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina or in Latin America and I first I did not get it but I thought about it and it is fantastic! Teaching abroad also allows you to gain international work experience for your resume. In the globalized, multicultural world of the 21st century, employers increasingly value international professional experience as they look to hire those with proven abilities to comfortably work with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Moving halfway around the world and teaching English also proves that you possess initiative and that you have the courage and ability to adapt to a new environment and circumstances, and that you are not afraid to move out of your comfort zone and taken on new challenges.

Teaching abroad is also almost always accompanied with a number of unique non-monetary benefits. The opportunity to become an English Teacher Abroad and work with and get to know locals, while helping them can be very rewarding to those who are passionate about teaching. Some of your students may even become lifelong friends. Teaching abroad gives you the opportunity to work with others and even choose what types of people you wish to work with. Kids, business owners, parents, locals, there are all kinds of different opportunities out there when finding a Paid Job Teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina or in Latin America.

Taking a TEFL course gives you the possibility for a global career full of adventure.  Once you have decided that you would like to live and work abroad, be it in Latin America or maybe even Spain, you should consider studying Spanish in addition to getting your TEFL certification.  Teaching in a foreign country is an immersion experience and if you do not speak the language of the country where you are living you will find yourself at a disadvantage.  Especially when teaching students who have never studied English before, if you don’t speak Spanish you may find yourself literally not speaking the same language as your students.  There are many benefits just to studying Spanish, not to mention the advantages knowing a foreign language will give your teaching skills.

How to find a Paid Job Teaching English in Latin America

All across the city there are Spanish schools and institutes offering TEFL certification, but no other school in Buenos Aires can compare to the quality and convenience that we offer at Buenos Aires TEFL Institute.  Our TEFL tutors have years of experience teaching English and know exactly what skills one needs to acquire to be a success in the classroom.  You will learn about method teaching, how to create lesson plans, how to establish a rapport with students, create activities, promote student interaction, testing, etc. If you wonder how to get a Paid Job Teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina or in Latin America, then you can take advantage of our job placement. Each TEFL student will be required to create two sets of teaching material and will receive six hours of in-class teaching time with real English students before earning his diploma.

“ Not only will you receive the highest quality of TEFL instruction, you will also leave our Spanish School knowing Spanish better than you ever have before”, says Florencia, Buenos Aires TEFL Director and Founder.

The opportunities and benefits of teaching English abroad are endless. The question should not be whether or not it’s worth it, because it definitely is. The question should be, when and how can I do it? If you are adventurous, wish to see the world, and gain knowledge from other cultures, then you should become an English Teacher abroad, the best option for you.

How to get a Paid Job Teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Buenos Aires is an ideal place to choose the best English Teaching Programs and TEFL trainees and students benefit from the richness of the city many call ¨the Paris of the south¨.  Buenos Aires offers world class theater, music recitals, sports events, shopping, and restaurants as well as many different places outside of the city to travel.  Best of all, these activities are easily accessible through the public transit system as well as being affordable.  You can traverse the city on one of the many bus lines or take the subway from one neighborhood to the next.  What you will find, when choosing Buenos Aires TEFL as the best English Teaching Program is the best quality of instruction possible in all of Latin America. The city of Buenos Aires is composed of many different cultures and traditions.  Of course, you will have much more fun in Buenos Aires and get to know the city better if you are studying Spanish.  Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires can be an extremely rewarding experience and it is of course, what you make it.

How to get a Paid Job Teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina or in Latin America? These are some of the reasons why Buenos Aires TEFL is the best English Teaching Program in Latin America
  1. Highly qualified Trainers and staff!
  2. TEFL courses offered monthly, year-round!
  3. International Diploma, US accredited, Teach English Worldwide!
  4. Argentina is one of South America’s top TEFL destinations!
  5. FREE hardcopy TEFL coursebook
  6. A reference letter from the Academic Director
  7. FREE internationally recognized TEFL certificate
  8. CV/resumé support
  9. Job placement in Buenos Aires, Argentina or Worldwide (you have to specify your destination)

English Teaching allows the teacher to meet a wide variety of students. From a teacher’s perspective, this can be fun but challenging. English students often enjoy the one-on-one interaction involved in having their own teacher, but might have a tendency to digress and want to spend more time on conversation than on the future continuous verb tense grammar they were assigned.

How to find a Paid Job Teaching English in Latin America

Buenos Aires for example, which is where the vast majority of foreign teachers reside. With a parrilla (grill or steakhouse) seemingly positioned on every corner, there is no shortage of opportunity to sit down and tuck into a juicy steak. Working as an English teacher, chances are you will do a fair bit of eating on the go. With classes spread throughout the day you will probably need to grab a quick bite whilst on the move from one company to the other. Buenos Aires has some great snacks that can be picked up for next to nothing, namely the great empanada. For newcomers to Buenos Aires, it may take some time to become accustomed to the local eating habits. Everything happens later here, particularly in the city where first impression would suggest that nobody sleeps. Be prepared to sit down for dinner from 10pm and arrive with an empty stomach.

How to get a Paid Job Teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina or in Latin America? The answer is getting qualified to teach in Buenos Aires and elsewhere

You will find the experience you gain from our TEFL course in Buenos Aires and the motivation from your professors invaluable and therefore, you will be eligible for any jobs Abroad Teaching English.  We are able to guarantee employment for you if you stay at least for 6 months in Buenos Aires. Our reputation and the high quality of all our academic programs allows us to guarantee our TEFL graduates paid job positions. The TEFL course is broken up into 4 week sections.  The first two weeks introduce, teach and prepare you to implement various methods of teaching.  During this time you will also review the foundations of English grammar, and analyze grammatical structures of the language which are commonly overlooked by native English speakers.  The final two weeks will build on the knowledge that was introduced in the beginning of the course and solidify your understanding of the course content through teaching observations and practice sessions.

How to get a Paid Job Teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina or in Latin America? Take advantage of our job placement in Buenos Aires when looking for Jobs Abroad Teaching English

Buenos Aires is a great place for teaching English and native-speakers are regarded with the utmost esteem. So, let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when finding an English teaching job in this huge and diverse city.

Once qualified to teach English, or landed, the time comes to prepare a CV that will be attractive to the vast amount of language institutes in the city. As you will be mostly teaching adults and in-company courses, it is important to highlight any business related experience, whether through education or work experience. Similarly, if applying for a position teaching children, outline your background in the field. Once contacted for an interview, be sure to dress in a professional manner.

Upon establishing yourself with the institutes of your liking, gaining classroom experience and becoming confident handling a class of students, you could consider offering your services as a private English tutor. You’ll be surprised by the response rate of a simple advert in Craigslist. All you need is one satisfied student to start the ball rolling. In Buenos Aires, where the importance of English increases daily, it seems that everybody has a friend, friend of a friend, family member or work colleague with a desire to learn.

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