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Dec 21, 2018

Getting TEFL Certified in Buenos Aires
Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language in Buenos Aires, Argentina will not only add an invaluable skill to your resume, it will also allow you to travel the world while working in an exciting, new profession! Ideal for new graduates, travelers, and those seeking a change in lifestyle and setting, TEFL TESOL courses offer the most comprehensive training and enjoyable setting to embark upon the exciting challenge of teaching the English language abroad! Moreover, an internationally recognized TEFL TESOL certificate will open many doors, providing you with the greatest flexibility in terms of where you can work and live.

Regarded as one of the most elegant cities in the world, Buenos Aires is the ideal scenario to begin your adventure with the TEFL certification course. The Paris of South America, as some people call it, is teeming with its own colorful culture, yet boasts a European flare as well—a unique quality difficult to find elsewhere in South America. Many Argentinians are eager to learn English and, as a result, you can find ample English teaching jobs all around the country.

Why study at Buenos Aires TEFL Institute in Argentina? •We provide the best TEFL teaching course in Buenos Aires by offering a professional and friendly class atmosphere.

Spanish Immersion classes. The program is designed to expose students to all facets of the language: written practice, conversational skills, listening and comprehension ability, and grammatical instruction

Jobs for ESL teachers upon completion of the TEFL Course. We can guarantee a job for you for one or two years in Buenos Aires. You would need to be committed to the job and have lots of productive energy.

•There are a plethora of choices for our students when it comes to accommodation options in Buenos Aires. You can live in a shared apartment with other international students, at a homestay or at a hostel.

I completed the TEFL Course in Argentina here at Buenos Aires TEFL in early 2011 as well as a few weeks in their Spanish language school. The quality of teaching in both was excellent. All staff were friendly and helpful and the school has a real personal touch.. TEFL’s director put me in contact with many employers after I graduated so the school has been responsible for me being able to work so easily teaching English here in Buenos Aires. The school is clean and well equipped (not the case with all schools in Buenos Aires). Highly recommended and thanks to Florencia and team for such a positive experience. Michelle Barnes, United Kingdom

Good location, nice and friendly staff. I think the Buenos Aires TEFL course taught me lots of skills especially in grammar teaching, and lesson planning which I would have found very difficult otherwise. Practice teaching sessions were very useful was I learned a lot about corrections, planning and giving explanations which I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Mandy Brener, USA

Taking into account getting TEFL certified in Buenos Aires, Argentina has clearly enjoyed an economic resurgence since early 2002, as a result the demand for English education and English as a Second Language teachers , ESL, has continued to grow. While teaching jobs in Buenos Aires, Argentina are widely available, from teaching in primary schools to working with adult learners, taking TEFL courses in Argentina offers many advantages when seeking an English teaching position in-country.

Many people who live and work in Argentina teaching English are only here on tourist visas - when the 90 days are up, most people take a day trip across the river to Uruguay to renew the tourist visa. There is no application procedure you need to carry out in advance of your arrival. Once here in Argentina, you will be able to stay for 3 months legally as a tourist. Once the 90 days expire, you will need to leave the country to renew the visa - most people take a day trip to Colonia, Uruguay, just across the river. Being here on a tourist visa will not be an impediment to finding work as an English teacher.

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