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Nov 30, 2018

Get Paid to Teach English in Buenos Aires
Get Paid to Teach English in Buenos Aires through our TEFL course at Buenos Aires TEFL. Our TEFL TESOL program is an intensive certification course, 4-week in-house that will teach you the necessary teaching skills you need to be a prepared and confident ESL teacher. Once you have completed your TEFL course in Buenos Aires, we will be able to help you make contacts with English schools and companies looking to hire TEFL qualified individuals, therefore you can Get Paid to Teach English in Buenos Aires right after you finish the TEFL course. The certification you receive in Buenos Aires allows you to teach English worldwide, so you will be eligible to apply for ESL teaching jobs here in Buenos Aires, Argentina or anywhere in the world. We will teach you to teach the English grammar properly. In most language schools, the English levels include absolute/false beginner, beginner, high-beginner, low- intermediate, intermediate, high-intermediate, advanced and high-advanced. Absolute beginners have absolutely no skills or knowledge in the target language whereas false beginners have some small knowledge of isolated words or phrases but cannot communicate comprehensively.

Beginners know some basic words and phrases such as greetings and personal information and generally can understand a lot more than they can communicate. Low-intermediate students cannot yet produce complex sentences but are able to get around daily life successfully in the target language and contribute to some social situations.

Intermediate students can communicate effectively but often make mistakes. They are beginning to understand more nuanced aspects of the language but are not able to use such concepts confidently themselves. High-intermediate learners have a solid grasp on most of the tenses and can comfortably speak about most concepts. They still make mistakes but notice such mistakes and can get their point across even when the exact vocabulary is absent. Advanced students can communicate freely with rare mistakes. They are almost totally fluent in the written language.

High-advanced students have a deeper, complex knowledge of the target language and can meet requirements of the language at a native level. Some of my time Teaching English in Buenos Aires included Teaching Practice Sessions, which I am detailing below.

Author: Buenos Aires TEFL