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Dec 3, 2017

Best start date for TEFL and salary after TEFL
When is it best to start with my TEFL course in Buenos Aires? When is it best in terms of English Teaching Jobs?

The academic year in Argentina starts in March and ends in November, however the 10 start dates that we offer work well with all participants because those who start in January and February are already qualified to start full time in March and there are more opportunities from July to October and November. Of course end of November and December are not great to look for a job, but people love to come here to Buenos Aires from September to December, it is spring here and people can see the city at its best. For people taking the TEFL course in October or November, they can start teaching intensive summer courses for people not going on holidays, which would be typically end of December to late February.

Best start date for TEFL and salary after TEFL


Thank you for all the information, the reviews are wonderful congratulations on your work and commitment to the students you train, it is evident they have truly benefited from your service. Lavinia is planning on living with a friend who is studying in the UBA and has not requested airport pick up but she is aware of the offer that stands .I have informed her that she would be required to pay all fees upfront, so it is a case of waiting on her response if she is happy to do this. Also she has inquired about the salary earned while working, could you give me an idea of how much on average a TEFL teacher under your guidance can earn once they begin a full time job? Am I correct in thinking that full time hours are approximately 35 hours per week and part time hours are approximately 20 hours per week? I appreciate all of your help.

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Emily- Work and Travel Specialist


Thank you for your message. An English Teacher who works full time in Buenos Aires is earning nowadays 12.000 to 15.000 pesos per month. This is good to live and support yourself in Buenos Aires. We have many English Teaching Jobs with Business English, one of our partner language schools in Buenos Aires specializes in Business or Corporate English and we send our trainees directly there for teaching practices, Lew Idiomas. Does she speak Spanish? Knowing Spanish expands horizons.

Thank you for your email and for your prompt response. Buenos Aires is a wonderful city to enjoy.

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