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Dec 21, 2018

Become a TEFL Teacher Abroad
It will be very exciting to become a TEFL Teacher Abroad! Your experience abroad will be enriching inside and outside of the Buenos Aires TEFL classroom. In between memorizing explanations for complex verb structures and preparing your TEFL lesson plans for tomorrow, you can walk barrios, munch on freshly baked pastries and meat empanadas, or see if you have two left feet while tangoing in the square. Inspiration is in every inch, and you’ll never be want for ideas to use in your future TEFL class, teaching English to native Spanish speakers.

We are the first institute in Buenos Aires to provide both TEFL training and certified Spanish classes all in one challenging and fun combined course. Besides become a TEFL Teacher Abroad, Learning Spanish is extremely helpful for our students to be better teachers of English as a Second or Foreign Language by understanding themselves what it is like to learn another language. You can take Spanish lessons before or after your TEFL course, given the fact the TEFL course is already very intensive people cannot take Spanish and TEFL classes simultaneously.

The Buenos Aires TEFL course will run from Monday through Friday. It covers a wide range of topics related to teaching English as a second language. These includes an overview of teaching English, teaching methods, motivation techniques, phonetics and phonology, classroom management, teaching grammar lesson planning, teaching the four basic language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), how to use games and songs, how to create materials, assignments in the classroom, and professional development. The course also includes real life teaching practice sessions. Throughout the TEFL course there are two examinations. Each week of the course covers a different theme and is summed up on Fridays with a test covering all of the week's material. Our TEFL training school in Buenos Aires offers several different kinds of accommodation options to ensure a safe and comfortable stay in Buenos Aires. Accommodation with the school is of course optional, and it can also be booked independently. All accommodation offered by our school is located in pleasant and safe neighborhoods and regularly checked and approved by a staff member. Please take into account the minimum stay is 28 nights and that we need your flight information to start the booking process.

If you’re looking at the TEFL qualifications and thinking you need a year to get this certification under your belt, think again. In Buenos Aires, you can get TEFL certified in as little as four weeks.This Buenos Aires TEFL course is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect new developments and the requirements of the profession and of employers. Along with your Buenos Aires TEFL course, you will develop your proficiency in Spanish through the study of Spanish culture. You will also learn about teaching English and have the opportunity to teach learners as part of your regular coursework.

To make your life easier, we offer guaranteed paid teaching positions following the TEFL training, for those who are hard workers. We have a program for everyone whether or not you have a Bachelor’s degree, or are native or non-native English speaking.

Buenos Aires TEFL Institute uses a task based approach to enhance your learning of English Language Teaching methodologies, making for an in-depth training session. With 120 hour total training and all the necessary theory and practice in order to become a TEFL Teacher Abroad as well as an effective English teacher, you’ll be ready to greet your very own class in no time.

Author: Buenos Aires TEFL