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Buenos Aires TEFL Institute

Is a small professional organization, with two decades of TEFL TESOL industry experience based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With international agreements with US and UK universities, private organisms and agencies, we can provide continuous support to TEFL trainees. Our Buenos Aires TEFL course is also recognized worldwide due to its accreditation and high caliber curriculum by Fairmont State University, USA, The College of Teachers and IATEFL in the UK among others.

We are three different linguists, that is why our TEFL course sets apart from the rest, it is professionally run.

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Professor Carolina Crespo more_vert

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close About Carolina

She is a TEFL Coordinator and speaks fluently five languages. She currently teaches the Phonology unit and some other classes at our school and is currently teaching Latin and Greek at Universidad del Salvador, in Buenos Aires. She has written numerous essays and books and has also coordinated a Spanish school for thirteen years.

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Professor Florencia Bozzano more_vert

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She is the Academic Director of the TEFL Training School. With twenty two years of experience teaching, she has developed a professional program and makes sure everyone gets quality education. She has written eight textbooks, essays and novels and with a Masters degree in TESOL Teacher’s Education, she has conducted academic research in the TEFL TESOL field in USA, Argentina and in England.

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Professor Leila Norell more_vert

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Leila is American and is the main TEFL Trainer of our course. She has extensive experience in Teaching English in Buenos Aires as well as the TEFL course in Argentina and in the US. Leila focuses in making her methodology classes productive by building rapport with each Trainee and by introducing different ideas and games to use in future English classes.

Our Accreditation

Buenos Aires TEFL Institute is a small professional organization, with two decades of TEFL TESOL industry experience based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, founded by academically distinguished Argentinian owners. With international agreements with US and UK universities, private organisms and agencies, we can provide continuous support to TEFL trainees, who have free lifetime access to the Jobs Centre. Our organization is rooted deeply in the belief that if you can speak English, you can teach it! We've got some the best TEFL trainers imparting their vast TEFL TESOL knowledge and superb teaching methodologies to help you become a well-rounded English Teacher, capable of working in any environment.

Our Buenos Aires TEFL course is also recognized worldwide due to its accreditation and high caliber curriculum.We are the first institute in Buenos Aires to provide both TEFL training and certified Spanish classes all in one challenging and fun combined course. Learning Spanish is extremely helpful for our students to be better teachers of English as a Second or Foreign Language by understanding themselves what it is like to learn another language.

More information about our Buenos Aires TEFL Course

Our TEFL Certification course is 120-hours. Besides the theory in our methodology classes, a relevant part of the Buenos Aires TEFL course is dedicated to lesson planning and practice teaching sessions with real students. This is a great opportunity to earn your TEFL certification abroad while you can also improve your Spanish skills. We are the most accredited TEFL provider in Argentina as well as an award winning company that has trained and sent thousands of TEFL teachers abroad. Our TEFL trainees will receive the highest standard of TEFL training throughout the transition to becoming an English language teacher; from a detailed TEFL course content to extensive support from our experts.

We provide free job placement for all our TEFL graduates. There is a high demand for English teachers in Buenos Aires and globally, therefore, we help fill these English teaching positions by collaborating with Buenos Aires language schools, companies and job agencies to place our graduates in the best TEFL jobs. We help you find the best TEFL jobs in Buenos Aires to fit your needs.

Our school is a well-equipped TEFL training center in the best neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Palermo, committed to the highest ESL standards.

Why choose our Buenos Aires TEFL course?

Our Buenos Aires TEFL Abroad program is run by Language School Directors and Coordinators as well as former TEFL teachers who are genuinely passionate about teaching. Over the past two decades, our institute has grown to become the best TEFL Training School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. What sets us apart from our TEFL competitors is the great feedback we normally get from present and former TEFL trainees, who know that they position themselves for global success.

Why Should I take a TEFL course in Buenos Aires?

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WORK ANYWHERE. With this International Diploma, you can work anywhere in the world. You can teach English in Buenos Aires, Latin America or Worldwide.

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TEFL+SPANISH. Be a step ahead from your competitors. Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires improve your skills and speed up your worldwide job search. These intensive Spanish courses are important in order to be able to understand your Spanish speaking students as well as your future employers in Argentina or in the rest of Latin America. It is recommended to study for at least 3 weeks before or after the TEFL course. Our Academic Director will guide you through this learning process.

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TEFL JOBS. We can connect you with employers in your desired destination. You would need to be committed to the job and have lots of productive energy.

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TEFL Professors. Given the fact that we are internationally recognized as well as the best TEFL course in Latin America, our TEFL instructors are academically distinguished, University Professors with over a decade of experience. They will guide you in this process of becoming an English Teacher in just four weeks as well as in getting an ESL job worldwide.

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Daily Schedule & Intensity. Students should expect to be in class on weekdays, the schedule will be confirmed to students some weeks prior to the start of the course because of the fact our Professors have busy agendas. Some extra work will be required during weekends due to National Holidays in Argentina. We normally advise our students to dedicate all of their productive energy to the course without other simultaneous commitments.

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TEFL Coursebook. There is a TEFL guide and coursebook written by the Director of the program as well as two methodology TEFL exams during the course. This along with your observation classes and teaching practice sessions gather an academic student unit.

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Course Location. The training center is located in Palermo, the best neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Our building is super comfortable with climate controlled classrooms and everything prepared for you to have a great time here while you study.

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TEFL Jobs in Buenos Aires. All our program students and graduates receive hands-on job placement assistance from our local staff in Buenos Aires in addition to lifetime, worldwide job search guidance.

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Class Size & Facilities. Classes are capped at 15 students but the average class is 8-10 students; Internet access is available at the school facilities, which also includes many different classrooms.

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TEFL Accreditation and University credits. Our program is recognized by multiple organisms in the TEFL field and via our course you can also apply for University Masters credits through Fairmont State University in USA.

Sarah Dohl, San Diego, USA
Reviewed on July 4th, 2018

I loved every minute of this TEFL class. It was an unforgettable, fun and superb informative experience. The people I worked with were all incredible, and I have absolutely zero complaints. I am so sad it had to end! The observations were really helpful in showing me how lessons are taught and the different ways teachers can approach a TEFL class.I came here without any experience teaching and after this month I feel very ready and confident to teach students in a fun and effective way. The school also arranged my accommodation at a super nice shared apartment close to the school, in a great location, my roommate is a very kind person from Argentina who helps me with Spanish and with daily household essentials. Florencia and Leila were amazing coaches and made me very excited to teach.